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Hi. Welcome to the website of the Georgia Independent High School Helmet Project. I hope you enjoy your visit. This site was created for the sole purpose of recognizing the other Georgia high school system known as the Georgia Independent Athletic Association (GIAA). This is a companion site to my earlier work on The Georgia High School Helmet Project with which many of you are familiar. I was asked to include the GIAA as part of my GHSA site, but I thought it necessary to keep them separate as they are completely separate organizations. As with the GHSA project, this one is in no way affiliated with the GIAA or any of its governing bodies. This site was created just for fun and information. As with my other website, this one is going to be just as basic. Web design is definitely not my forte'. No bells, whistles or flashing graphics to clutter things up. After all, the helmets are the main focus and I see no reason for letting all the other stuff get in the way.

The GIAA consists of private schools throughout the state, many of which are Christian oriented.
On the following pages you will find the helmet images of the teams representing the GIAA. Of course as with the other project, it will take some time to complete. That's where you folks come into play. The more information I can gather for each team, the quicker I can get an image posted for your respective school. Below is a link to the instructions page where you will find an explanation as to what I need to create an image. Each helmet will be posted with a link to the schools website. If your helmet is not linked, either the school doesn't have a website, or I was unable to find one. If your helmet image is not linked, please send me the correct URL. I would like to thank Justin Lyles, one of many friends, for sending me the initial information needed to get the site up and running. I would also like to thank Johnny Walton of Football Friday Night, for all his help and for hosting my two projects. As always with a new website, it will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION for some time. Just follow the links below to see the helmets. Thanks

David Hayes
Dalton, Ga.