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Updates for All Helmets Updates for Current GHSA Helmets Updates for Current GISA Helmets Updates for Historical Helmets

This page was added to keep you informed of the latest additions and redesigns to The Georgia Helmet Project. I will post the most recent helmets as I do them. Included will be the date, team, and region they compete in. I have begun adding a link for each updated helmet so you can quickly view them without having to look for them on the site. If you would like to have your team banner displayed on the site, please email me at: Thanks

I've spent the past week updating each helmet with a cleaner more "printer friendly" image. I had been systematically replacing the old helmet template with the new one each time I updated a helmet, but enough progress wasn't being made. So I decided to do it all at once until they were all complete. Hopefully these images will be easier to use.

I have went into the links section and "cleaned it up" so to speak. There were a lot of broken links that I needed to remove. If your banner is missing and you still have an active web site, please send me the url and a simple banner and I will put it back up. If you don't have a banner I'll be more than happy to make you one. Please, only high school related banners will be displayed. Thanks.


Colonial Hills
Lithia Springs

March 3, 2015

Arlington Christian

January 26, 2013

Bethesda Day School

January 26, 2013

Curtis Baptist

January 26, 2013

Dawson Street

January 26, 2013

East Atlanta

October 23, 2011

Forest Park Christian School
Forest Park

February 13, 2010